Corten steel structures

 With the passage of time various modifications and innovations had come up in the arena of structural engineering that had eased up the usual hardship in the construction trade manifold. One of such important aspects is the usage of the Corten steel structures and TopEdge specializes in its production.We are provide stainless steel grades

Attributes of the Corten steel structures

Sometimes referred to as the weathering steel, corten steel happens to be a steel-alloy group, developed for eliminating the painting needs that are usual in the concrete structures.

  • Corten structures form a rusty appearance of permanent nature when it stays uncovered to the weather influences for a stretch of several years.
  • These structures are basically manufactured within the factory premises and it gets fabricated at the construction sites as per the structural drawings. Thus, the usage of these structures had considerably reduced the turnaround time for the completion of the projects in concurrent times.
  • These applications get more to see in commercial projects and in erecting the outdoor structures of a building wherein TopEdge specialization prove worthy.

Other Features

  1. The overall weight of the structures is lighter than the conventional concrete buildings.
  2. TopEdge forms structures which offer more resistance to the atmospheric influences.

Why is this product used?

  1. These structures are easily construable.
  2. We are specialists in forming the structures which involves lesser usage of raw materials that reduces the project cost.
  3. The construction takes the least of time.
  4. It checks the corrosive actions of the weather that gives the length of the life of the buildings.
  5. Since it requires no additional painting, the construction hassles and the expenses on this regard gets streamlined.

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