Our gas generators are of optimum quality, durable and easy to handle. Our on site PSA nitrogen generators are custom made and can be adjusted to give the desired nitrogen quality for your process and application.

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants

PSA Nitrogen generation plant based on the PSA process consist of two adsorbers filled with carbon molecular sieves, which has the property to absorb Oxygen from compressed air(CMS). Compressed and purified air is passed through the absorbers in this process. Mainly oxygen is absorbed on the carbon molecular sieves as it has preferential properties for adsorption of moisture first and nitrogen enriched gas is leaving the absorber. The oxygen concentration can be reduced to almost all required levels. During adsorption in one adsorber, the second adsorber is totally regenerated just by depressurization to ambient pressure. The oxygen enriched off gas is vented. After about one minute adsorption in one adsorber, the process controller is switching over to the second adsorber to produce nitrogen on a continuous basis.

Technical Specifications
MS-L MS Model DX Model CU-DX Model
Gas Composition
Oxygen 0.1 to 2 % 10-ppm to 500ppm 1 to 3ppm(max) 1-ppm (max)
Hydrogen Nil Nil 0.5% or more Nil
Nitrogen 98-99.9% 99.5 to 99.999% Balance 99.9999% Balance 99.9999%
Dew Point (-)40ºC to (-)80ºC (-)60ºC to (-)80ºC (-)40ºC to (-)80ºC (-)40ºC to (-)80ºC
As Inert gas In Chemical Industries, Food & Pharmaceutical Industries, for fire control in Coal mines etc As the Inert gas in Chemical, Food Pharmaceutical Industries, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Electronic, Synthetic Fiber, Industries. As the Inert gas in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries. In applications where oxygen impurity is not acceptable. As the Inert gas in Electronic, Synthetic Fiber, Hitech Industries where one needs Ultra High Purity.

Membrane Nitrogen Gas Plant

Membrane technology is regarded as an emerging gas separation technique in the industry due to the lower cost in both initial capital and energy consumption, if compared to cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption. The typical design of the membrane gas separation technique is that the air is drawn from the ambient into the membrane module and the targeted gases are separated based on the difference in diffusivity and solubility. In the membrane module, oxygen will be separated from the ambient air and collected at the upstream due to the high diffusivity, whereas nitrogen will be collected at the downstream of the module.

Lab Scale Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generators are available using the PSA Technology as well as the newer KOH Electrolyte based Membrane Separation Technology. Both the technologies have thier distinctive uses with the PSA systems being the industry standard and the newer membrane technology being more widely used now due to the lower prices with development of the technology on a nano scale.Nitrogen Gas Generators from sam gas plants use PSA or Membrane design that ensures that all the Nitrogen Gas Generator are safe, flexible, reliable, and cost effective solutions. Nitrogen Gas Generators have wide variety of industrial and process applications.