Design :

Top Edge Infra has a unique approach to design informed by an acute understanding of aesthetic concerns, creative requirements and structural stability.  Our hands on approach and unrivaled archive of projects along with experience over last 15 years means that we can help our clients with every aspect of a project design. All works require a balance between the practical and creative working within the constraints of the brief and budget, whilst sometimes inventing new techniques and processes for fabrication we can assist our clients in designing every step of the way. We often use prototyping as a means to develop ideas or make decisions prior to production.

Consulting :

Consultation at Top Edge Infra is the first step in transforming ideas into 3 dimensional forms. This often takes place in the form of a project feasibility study. The studio has over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of materials. Through this we have deal of expertise, an extensive database and archive of information, allowing us to offer answers to the various challenges with which we are presented. We apply these studio resources to tailor- make solutions for each project.

We can offer feasibility studies or advice on :

  • Concept design
  • Fabrication
  • Bill of materials
  • Budget Proposals
  • Risk evaluations
  • Health and safety issues
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Crating, transportation
  • Erection of steel structures at project site

Fabrication :

Fabrication is the manifestation of design. AT Top Edge Infra this is where IDEAS AND EXPERIENCE MEET. The facilities at Top Edge Infra enable design to evolve in conjunction with production, so that what takes place on the drawing board also works in practicality. The diversity of projects undertaken at Top Edge Infra has enables us to continually amplify our fabrication facilities and has resulted in an extensive workshop that makes available a broad range of skills and techniques. Often we use our equipment unconventionally to provide solutions- JIGS may have to be constructed or tools redesigned to help fabricate works.

All our interactions follow our unparalleled approach to production. A great deal of care is taken through out the fabrication of a project to ensure that the quality is appropriate to our clients expectations and the nature of the project.