Top Edge Infra provides elegant solutions for architects, designers, general contractors and anyone who is looking to spice
up the ambiance of their environment through tensile membrane structures.
Tensile Membrane Structures are architecturally innovative forms of construction art that provide designers and end
users a variety of aesthetic free-form designs that no other building material could achieve.
For years, Top Edge Infra has successfully implemented highly engineered, high technology structural envelope projects,
providing superior levels of client satisfaction regardless of project size.
Our reputation for sound technical design development, service and the pro-active execution of scheduling towards
engineering, fabrication, timeline and budget assures the best of quality and service.

We are also doing Architects In Bangalore,Tensile Structures,Tensile Fabric Structures.

• Complex forms possible
• Cool atmosphere
• Flame retardant
• Weather proof
• Durable
• Resistant to extreme climate conditions
• Maintain appearance over long periods

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