Hydrogen Plant, We are engaged in offering a wide range of Hydrogen Gas Generators, which includes Water Electrolysis Based Hydrogen Generator and Cracked Ammonia Based Hydrogen Generator. These are catalytic cracking units in which ammonia is dissociated to nitrogen. The produced gas has 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen, which is further purified in a molecular sieves unit by removing un-cracked ammonia and moisture.

Water Electrolysis Based Hydrogen Gas Plant:-
This method generates hydrogen through Electrolysis (bipolar type) along with gas boosters and de-oxo units. Electrolysis dissociates the elements of water (oxygen and hydrogen) by charging water with electrical current. The amount of power consumed by these plants is 4.5 KW (per cubic meter of hydrogen).

Ammonia Cracker:-
Cracking of ammonia is one of the most economical way for on-site generation of hydrogen gas for industrial purposes. For this process, the temperature of 850°C is maintained in the electrically heated furnace. A centrifugal cast retort is installed in the center of this furnace. This furnace is filled with nickel catalyst. At this stage, the ammonia cracking takes place in presence of nickel catalyst. The process separates its vital element into 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen gas at dew point of (-)30°C.