Air is taken from an air compressor and oxygen is separated form other gases, including nitrogen with the help of special grade of zeolite molecular sieves. The process involves two towers filled with zeolite molecular sieves which adsorb nitrogen and subsequently discharge waste. In Gas Generation Process the oxygen generated is 85-94% pure. When nitrogen saturates from one tower, this process changes over to the other tower, thus helping in the process of continuous oxygen generation. These are suitable for medical use as well, for providing oxygen round the clock. Our range is known for low cost, decreases the administrative work & ensures to provide continuous and reliable oxygen supply.

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant:-
Our Oxygen Gas Plant work with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology and ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply with guaranteed purity. Using this technology, we produce oxygen gas plants that are highly economical and require low maintenance and produce the desired results in a hassle-free manner. These generators absorb nitrogen with the help of two absorption vessels that are filled with most efficient zeolite molecular sieves responsible for nitrogen absorption. We are the manufacturer and exporter of PSA Oxygen Gas Plants

VPSA Oxygen Gas Plant:-
The VPSA Oxygen Gas Plant is available with air fan and vacuum generator and have quick and convenient start and stop. This oxygen plant has low automation and is user friendly. The plant provides pure Oxygen by using Zeolite Molecular Sieves. Due to larger capacity, it uses Vacuum assisted regeneration. Very suitable for flow rate above 200 NM 3 / hr.

Medical Oxygen Gas Plant:-
Medical Oxygen Plants serves as reliable source for the generation of continuous medical-grade Oxygen for all your medical needs. These online generators can easily cater to your average needs and also your peak demand as and when needed. We supply these on a turnkey basis and customize these as per your actual requirements. If required, our generators can utilize compressed air, if available at your site as the feed air.