PC/Glass Skylights

Skylight in buildings refers to the style of arrangement of its windows or other units of ventilation that transmits light, either entirely or partially. It is mainly used to serve the purpose of day lighting.

The buildings can be given a mesmerizing touch with the laying of the skylights. The trendiest pattern involves the PC/Glass Skylights|Skylight Design. Though more familiar in its usages along the windows, it also gets to be seen along the roofing.

Attributes of PC/Glass Skylights

The prominent features of the PC/Glass Skylights can be documented as follows:

  1. We offer solutions made out of glass or PC materials, it weighs to lighter scales.
  2. The structural aspects involve the usage of the perimeter frames that supports the glazing windows.
  3. TopEdge offers units that can either be fixed or it comes retractable.
  4. Usage of inert gases in crude forms in the space between the two panes of the windows.

Why is this product used?
The concept of sky lighting comes very beneficial to the user. However, if the units are made out of PC or glass materials, it can come more beneficial as offered by TopEdge . Some of the prominent benefits of the PC/glass sky lighting system are mentioned below:

  1. Better thermal performance
  2. Better ventilation
  3. It reduces the usage of the electrical slighting systems, thereby reducing the expenses for paying this utility bill.
  4. It nerves the transmission of the hazardous Ultra violet rays and radiations.
  5. It helps in power conservation through lesser usage of the electrical lighting or heating.
  6. It can preserve the absorbed solar energy and subsequently utilizes it for heating purpose.

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