Solid Nodes Space frames

Solid Nodes Space frames refer to a modern feature in construction methodology that are commonly get to see in the roofing span of larger areas in modernist industrial and commercial buildings. Our reputation for offering solid nodes space ensures quality delivery to customers.

TopEdge offers solid nodes which happen to be a lightweight, truss-like structure that is constructed by making the struts to interlock in a certain geometric pattern. TopEdge has successfully implemented structures with the use of solid node space frames.

Attributes of Solid Nodes Space frames

  • These structures are featured with inherent rigidity in the triangles that makes the overall structure exceptionally strong.
  • Flexing loads get transmitted as compression and tension loads, across the length of the strut. The designing of these structures involves the usage of the rigidity matrix.
  • The structure is featured with the independence of the angular factors
  • Negligible angular deflection
  • The designing is made in geometric patterns
  • Lightweight

Why is this product used?

This application had found a great popularity in construction or engineering,manufacturing processes for the following benefits that one can expect from it:

  1. In construction domain, this form of roofing can be laid over the widest are without having to put the usual interior supports that the conventional roofing techniques would require. This eases the construction difficulties and reduces the construction cost.
  2. We are experts in offering the customization of designs for the structures widely.
  3. These structures for their higher inherent rigidity come with the longest of the durability provided by Topedge. IT implies that once it had been laid, it would require the minimum of maintenance or repairing expenses.
  4. Since it streamlines the process, the project can be completed in shorter time span.

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