Standing seam roofing

The construction methodologies had significant changes over the passage of the times.These days, several innovative and smart techniques are getting to see of which one has to give a special mention of the Standing seam roofing style offered by TopEdge for years now. It involves the usage of the steel Bridges that not only makes the building to look more appealing but serves great utility.We are provide roofing sheets,design of roof.

Attributes of the Standing seam roofing

This is a form of metal roofing that typically involves the usage of steel bridges as its panel,running in a vertical direction above the roof. The nomenclature accounts to the visual feature of a raised-interlocking arrangement that seams two subsequent panels. It is the trends trait in construction projects provided by TopEdge and it predominantly suits the erection of the buildings of lower elevations.

  • It provides a durable and puncture-resistant shield against the threats from the weather, making the space underneath safe, secured and comfortable.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Operation friendly
  • Slick look

Why is this product used?

The Standing seam roofing is most frequent to be used for the roofing purposes for the following benefits:

  1. Since it resists the corrosive actions, it can be used for longer stretches of time.
  2. Weighing to lighter scales, it prevents the building to be overloaded at its top.
  3. These roofs do not involve frequent repairs and maintenance. Thus, the owner need not to shoulder perpetual expenses in these regards.
  4. These roofs can be laid with the minimum of efforts.
  5. It can withstand the scorching sun rays, can resist the torrential rain and do not get carried away with hailstorms. Thus, it saves the residents from the adverse effects of these works of God.
  6. If clubbed with a blanket of fiberglass, it can even act as the insulator.

Topedge specializes in the development of standing seam roofing systems.

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