A façade happens to be the exterior sides of buildings that may be or may not be its front side. The origin of the word hails back to the French lands that literary means the face or the front.We are also doing service oriented architecture,architects in bangalore and facade companies in bangalore.

TopEdge offers premium quality solutions for façade. The usage of the facade has along legacy in the construction perspectives as some of the monumental buildings in the world had used this technique at ancient times. In architecture, these faced holds great importance from the standpoints of the design. It is because it sets the tune for the other parts of the building.This service also in  facade companies in Bangalore.

Attributes of Facade

  1. Analyzing from the engineering point of view, the importance lies upon the probable impact of the energy efficiency.
  1. In modern buildings, these faced gets suspended out of the floor slabs made with concrete.
  1. The making involves anodized or powder coated stainless steel or aluminum.

At TopEdge, our team specializes in offering technically designed solutions for façade.

Why is this product used?

  1. The façade elevates the design and structural elegance of the buildings.
  2. The building can be given a retro touch very easily with the usage of facade as it is one of the conventional ways of designing the buildings.
  3. The usage of façade can make the building highly energy efficient. These days, solar facades offered by TopEdge are often used to meet the overall power requirement from solar energy. This result in drastic reduction of electrical powers and the costs involved with it.
  4. These days, for its ease of construction and the low prices for it, the film industry uses the technique for making its shooting sets.

Types of Facades:

TopEdge offers 4 types of Facades:-

  1. Dupont Corian:
  2. Corten Steels:
  3. Expanded Metal Mesh Facades
  4. Perforted Meta Facades

before the the attributes of facades

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